What are my options for making an appointment?

1. Confirm (YES); Decline (NO) to your pre-scheduled appointment card, and mail back to us; changing the day/time or changing the session type.
2. Click Here and schedule OR change an appointment online
3. Call the studio Tue-Sat 10am - 5pm at (805) 496-7394 to talk to a real person :)


YEARBOOK PUBLISH ONLY  (YPO)  $15. Tax & Publishing Fee included. June-August 30th
One photograph is taken for yearbook publication. The studios tuxedo or drape is provide. A retouched  portrait will be supplied to the yearbook. There is no selection sent home and no poses to chose from. 

MINI SESSION:  $39. (4-6 proofs)  Tax & Publishing Fee included. June-August 30th

A selection of four poses in yearbook attire with our traditional blue yearbook background.  The studio will provide a tuxedo or drape. The selection of proofs will be mailed to your home for you to choose your yearbook pose.

STANDARD SESSION:  $59. (8-12 proofs). Tax & Publishing Fee included. June-August 30th

This session greatly increases your yearbook selection with a wider variety of expressions and poses to choose from. The studio will provide a tuxedo or drape. The selection of proofs will be mailed to you. 

STANDARD PLUS SESSION: $79. (16-24 proofs) Tax & Publishing Fee included. June-August 30th

Doubles your selection.  Add a clothing change or cap & gown in addition to the tuxedo/drape poses.  You’ll receive a variety of casual shots in your own clothing with a change of backdrops, includes close-ups, and black & whites.  

STUDIO DELUXE SESSION: $125  (48-60 proofs)  September & October appointments only, requires pre-payment

This session requires a pre-payment. Call to reserve your appointment time. You’ll triple your proof selection and add up to FOUR clothing changes in addition to the tuxedo/drape poses. This session accommodates a variety of settings and your personal items such as, musical instruments, cheerleading or letterman's jackets, bicycles, skateboards, drums, motorcycles and small pets. 

SPRING OUTDOOR SESSION : $149 (65-100) Proofs)   We schedule this session in April and May 2018. 


We have preferred locations that are just a few minutes from our studio.  The best natural light occurs late in the day when the sun is lower, so plan on being photographed in the afternoon.  If you have a special location in mind please inquire, there may be an additional fee for time and travel.

* Cancellations must be made no less than FIVE days prior to your shoot to allow us time to rebook our schedule, there is a 25% cancellation fee, so please plan ahead. Please pre-pay with credit card a total of $149

LOCATION ADD-ON   $295.  (24-36 proofs)  Tax included

With any session you may add-on a separate location shooting.  We have preferred
locations that are usually within a few minutes of the studio.  The best natural light 
photography happens late in the day when the sun is lower.  If you have a particular
location please inquire as to wether we can accomodate your request.