Why do you need a parent/guardian email address?  Your session will  be confirmed through email and during your graduating year it will be necessary to contact you with yearbook publishing information, yearbook deadlines, school dances, proms and graduation day photos. It is used exclusively by us only during your graduating year. We respect your right to privacy.

What does a session fee get me? The session fee covers the cost of the photographer. studio time and materials to produce a selection of your proofs,  your tux or drape, 

What Should I wear?  In ALL sessions we provide a tuxedo or drape for yearbook attire. For Standard Plus and Deluxe sessions please bring your own additional clothing.  Hats and other items can add to your session, look through your closet.  Sports gear, musical instruments that are able to be held, no motorcycles in this session. As a general rule solid jewel colors such as emerald green, sapphire blue & ruby red  photograph well. Small prints, denim or formal attire also work. Long or half sleeved clothing help to keep the attention on your face. Bring a plain black or white shirt, these can work well for close ups. Clothing should fit well and be wrinkle free.  If you bring more than you need we can help you choose your best look.

EYEGLASSES: If you’re just not comfortable without your eyeglasses, please keep in mind that glare and distortion may be costly to correct, so consider borrowing a pair of empty frames from your optometrist.

GIRLS: Please bring a tube top, or camisole. If you have an appointment to have your hair or make up done make sure you will finish in time for your session. If you are having your make up done or doing your own, avoid any metallic eyeshadow, glitter or Illuminating powders, as this tends to reflect by as white on your skin.

GUYS: A fresh shave is a must. Facial hair left is costly to retouch. A moustache or beard will look better trimmed. Please don’t get
a haircut on the same day of your shoot, a few days into it usually looks best. If you are having
a cap & gown photo session please bring a shirt and tie.