Your baby's first few weeks are usually a time for sleeping. This is the best time for "Baby's First Week". Three months is a great time to start "Baby's First Year". We can capture the changes from that first week and they are many.

Your baby's second session is around the time your baby starts sitting up. I like to do portraits in my antique bowl & pitcher with your baby and some in your favorite outfit,

Your third session is on or around your baby's first birthday, please bring a few favorite outfits and toy or item you want to include in the session.

If you do not photograph "Baby's First Week" then it is best to start "Baby's First Year" around two-three months. By starting your baby at two-three months we can get some great portraits with Dad. Evan though they will probably be too big to fit in Dad's hand like "Baby's First Week", we can capture this time when they are still small and show the amazing process of their first year.

Baby's First Year is a three sessions package, my normal session fee is bundled together and discounted to $59.95