Baby’s First Week is best done before your baby is two weeks old. The few exceptions are if your baby is a preemie or their birth weight is over ten pounds. A preemie may have to wait until they are over five pounds and the larger baby may have less of a window to be photographed I want your baby to be asleep when we do this session because they are more bendable and will last longer for the session.

will need to bring extra food and a pacifier (if they will use one). We will also need a change of clothing for Dad. Sometimes baby’s will decide to bless us with all sorts of gifts during the session while we have their diaper off and I don’t want Dad to go home in a towel.

I would like to schedule your session around the time it is normal for your baby to sleep. Please don’t feed or nap them before you come for the session. If they are hungry and tired and you feed them here, after we have removed their clothing, they are more likely to go to sleep, but you know your baby best, and I go with whatever works.

Baby’s First Week Session is $150.00. The session is scheduled for 1 1/2 to 2 hours. $75.00 of the session will be credited towards your order if you do so within two weeks. My minimum order is a petite package.

Baby’s First Week is complementary with a Deluxe Pregnancy Session.